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IDEX's Vibration Tester is utilized for vibration proof test & endurance test, screening of initial failure, removal of dust and dirt, detection of bad solder, and loosening / tightening of the screw for electronics.
We have wide variety of products suitable your purpose.
For simulation test during transport and test related to packaging design, please see "TRANSPORTATION TESTER".


For vibration proof test and screening

We offer a line of products capable of handling a variety of equipment, ranging from small to large.
Please contact us and let us know about your specific needs and we will advise you about the model that best fits your requirements.

Our Technology

Electronics and precision equipment is required high technology and precision.

One might think that a vibration tester generates a single axis vibration such as up/down or horizontal vibration, but it is hard to generate a vibration occurring under real transportation.
It is said that 2-axis or 3-axis composite vibration; up/down, horizontal direction and plus something extra, is being occurred during real transportation.
IDEX has a long history of manufacturing vibration tester that satisfies vibration conditions in according with real transportation.
Our tester has being used by various manufacturers in Japan and overseas, it has good reputation.
Good durability and easy operation, it enables to ease in relocation.

Purpose for Vibration Tester

Example of applicable product
・ Electronics ・ Precision equipment ・ Car electronics ・ Communication device
・ Computer-related product etc

Example of applicable purpose
・ Vibration proof test / Endurance test ・ Screening / Removal of dust and dirt
・ Poor contact of connector ・ Loosening / Tightening of screws [Movie]
・ Checking of vibration + conductive property ・ Malfunction checking
・ Transportation test, and others etc

Features of IDEX's Vibration Tester

Touch panel


Jig suitable for your purpose is available.

上下振動用冶具 サイコロ型冶具

Nonstandard variation
・In-line model...........Suitable for free flow conveyor. Marked
・Separation model..........Applicable for temperatur-controlled room.


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