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The IDEX Transportation Tester is a simulation machine for reproducing and preventing vibration conditions that may result in scratches and damage to the inner and outer packaging of products, as well as any possible adverse effects to the package contents during the transportation of products.
The main feature of the tester is a triaxial simultaneous vibration simulator.
This was developed based on data gathered from trucks during the actual transportation of products.
The machine is capable of reproducing, in a 20 minute period, more than 90% of the conditions occurring during transportation by a truck over a distance of 1000 km.
For Vibration Proof Test & Endurance Test, Screening of initial failure, Removal of dust and dirt, and Loosening / tightening of the screw for electronics, please see "VIBRATION TESTER".


For vibration proof test and screening

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Our Technology

Triaxial simulataneous vibration same as actual transportation conditions.
In fact, single axis vibration based on standards is difficult to reproduce conditions during transport

There are triaxial simultaneous vibrations during transport by a truck.
The low frequency vibration 40Hz or below which has greater influence occurs frequently during actual transportation as you can see in the right of Figure.
The tester based on the standards are single axis vibration tests, making it difficult to prevent damages to the cargo.
On the other hand, IDEX's Transportation Tester enables to generate the triaxial simultaneous vibrations similar to actual transportation.
So, it is utilized for the simulation test during transport by a truck and the vibration proof test of car electronics and others.

Right-left turn by a truck during transport can be simulated.
Effectiviness of the IDEX's original vibration generator

There is right-left movement of packaging cargo occurring right-left turn by a truck.
Inside of a box is given vibration that makes it moves to the right and left.
It will be increased friction force that makes trouble such as scratch and others.
IDEX's tester has unique vibration mode that enables to simulate right-left movement of packeged cargo, it can easily make similar conditions during transport.
For details, please see movie.

Vibration property understanding and Packaging design checking by analysis software

3-dimensional Wireless Vibration Recorder

"Resonance phenomenon" is the reason for damages by vibrations.
Its vibration also makes influences inside the products.
"3-dimensional Wireless Vibration Recorder" understands a vibration property of products simply.
It enables the effective finding resonance point, and improvement the present packaging design.

For Details

Our Advantage

Major Method of Transportation Test

Tester based on the JIS/ISO standard

The test based on the "JIS/ISO: Packaged freights-Method of the vibration test" makes it difficult to reproduce actual transportation conditions.

  • ・Vibration direction is only single axis vibration
  • ・Hard to indentify which vibfration influenced
  • ・Not only vibration
Reproducing of damages during transport is 10% or less

Actual road test

Actual road test varies quite a bit difficult to quantity

  • ・Test result is greatly affected by transportation conditions
  • ・It cannot indentify cases (Vibration? Shock?)
  • ・Investment of time
Difficult to determine

IDEX's Transporation Tetser

IDEX's tester can reproduce damages more than 90% occuring during transport!

  • ・ Triaxial simultaneous vibration same as actual conditions
  • ・ The resonance points can be detected in cobination with the "3-Dimensional Wireless Vibration Recorder"
  • ・ It simulates right-left turn by a truck during transport!

For more information, please see the PDF file

  • Study on the effectiveness of simultaneous multi-axis vibration in transport packaging testPDF


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