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Case Study Movies

You can see movies here that show various test methods using IDEX's equipment.

[ First in the industry ] TRANSPORTATION TESTER “Triaxial simultaneous vibration”+”Shock”

The tester enables to generate "vibration" and "shock" simultaneously during transportation by a truck. This made reproducibility has greatly improved.

Model : 
Transportation Tester BF-50SST

Test to reproduce the scratches

IDEX provides Transportation Tester of 3-axis simultaneous vibration having unique vibration generator. It is a simulation machine for reproducing vibration conditions that may result in damage to the products more than 90% during transportation. Here is the video that shows reproducing the scratches on PET bottles.

Model : 
Transportation Tester  BF-50UT

Test to reproduce the pin hole

Here is the video that shows reproducing the pin-hole on soft packaging. We succeeded in reproduction of pin-hole in a 20 minute period, and other early symptoms to reproduce.

Model : 
Transportation Tester BF-50UT


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