Parts Palletizer, The equipment can perform efficiently align for electronic parts including most of small parts, as well as obverse/reverse and screening.
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Most suitable for variety of different shape parts, pin, and most of small parts!

Best suited conditions can be selected from 100 kinds of vibration mode.
With its superior performance the IDEX Parts Palletizer can help reduce the number of the workers needed in the manufacturing process, thus realizing reduction in cost.
small parts

IDEX original vertical + horizontal (front/rear) vibration made it possible for parts difficult for a conventional machine such as the obverse / reverse and direction screening in a short time.

· Electronic parts
· Optical parts
· LED parts
· PGA pins

These parts


· Alignment
· Obverse / reverse screening
· Transfer
· Pin insert
· Direction screening

can be done efficiency for various operation.

You can see the performance of aligning parts here.

Before operation / After operation

We provide original pallet.

We provide original pallet suitable for aligned parts with dimension tolerance ±0.005mm.
Variety of material, processing, and surface finishing are selectable.
Please do not hesitate to consult with us.



Suitable for most of small parts.BFP-2AE


Touch panel & low cost TypeBFP-5C