Transportation Tester. The tester can reproduce and verify conditions during transport by a truck such as scratches, damage to the packaging products, and any possible effects to the package contents.
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The machine can reproduce conditions equivalent to distance of 1000 km by a truck in a 20 minutes period.
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The IDEX Transportation Tester is a simulation machine for reproducing and preventing vibration conditions that may result in scratches and damage to the inner and outer packaging of products, as well as any possible adverse effects to the package contents during the transportation of products.
The main feature of the tester is a triaxial simultaneous vibration simulator. This was developed based on data gathered from trucks during the actual transportation of products.
The machine is capable of reproducing, in a 20 minute period, more than 90% of the conditions occurring during transportation by a truck over a distance of 1000 km.

For Vibration Proof Test & Endurance Test, Screening of initial failure, Removal of dust and dirt, and Loosening / tightening of the screw for electronics, please see "VIBRATION TESTER".

Multiaxis Simulaltaneous Vibration

The vibration direction of our products is multiaxis simultaneous vibration; triaxial simultaneous vibration (Up/down, right/left, and front/rear).
For Simulation Test during Transportation by Truck.
For wide temperature range: -30℃ - +60℃
If you need for shock test besides vibration test.

Single-axis Vibration

For understanding vibration property at the design stage.