Transportation Tester. The tester can reproduce and verify conditions during transport by a truck such as scratches, damage to the packaging products, and any possible effects to the package contents.
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Our Technology

Triaxial simulataneous vibration same as actual transportation conditions

In fact, single axis vibration based on standards is difficult to reproduce conditions during transport
Suspension of a truck / Stress influence from vibration

There are triaxial simultaneous vibrations during transport by a truck. The low frequency vibration 40Hz or below which has greater influence occurs frequently during actual transportation as you can see in the right of Figure. The tester based on the standards are single axis vibration tests, making it difficult to prevent damages to the cargo.
On the other hand, IDEX's Transportation Tester enables to generate the triaxial simultaneous vibrations similar to actual transportation. So, it is utilized for the simulation test during transport by a truck and the vibration proof test of car electronics and others.

PDF Study on the effectiveness of simultaneous multi-axis vibration in transport packaging test(PDF)

Right-left turn by a truck during transport can be simulated

Effectiviness of the IDEX's original vibration generator

There is right-left movement of packaging cargo occurring right-left turn by a truck. Inside of a box is given vibration that makes it moves to the right and left. It will be increased friction force that makes trouble such as scratch and others.
IDEX's tester has unique vibration mode that enables to simulate right-left movement of packeged cargo, it can easily make similar conditions during transport.
For details, please see movie.

Vibration property understanding and Packaging design checking by analysis software

3-dimensional Wireless Vibration Recorder
3-dimensional Wireless Vibration Recorder

"Resonance phenomenon" is the reason for damages by vibrations. Its vibration also makes influences inside the products.
"3-dimensional Wireless Vibration Recorder" understands a vibration property of products simply. It enables the effective finding resonance point, and improvement the present packaging design.