Transportation Tester. The tester can reproduce and verify conditions during transport by a truck such as scratches, damage to the packaging products, and any possible effects to the package contents.
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Our Advantage

Major Method of Transportation Test

Tester based on the JIS/ISO standard

JIS/ISO standard image The test based on the "JIS/ISO: Packaged freights-Method of the vibration test" makes it difficult to reproduce actual transportation conditions.


· Vibration direction is only single axis vibration
· Hard to indentify which vibfration influenced
· Not only vibration

Reproducing of damages during transport is 10% or less

Actual road test

Actual road test image Actual road test varies quite a bit difficult to quantity


· Test result is greatly affected by transportation conditions
· It cannot indentify cases (Vibration? Shock?)
· Investment of time

Difficult to determine

IDEX's Transporation Tetser

IDEX's tester can reproduce damages more than 90% occuring during transport!

I see!

· Triaxial simultaneous vibration same as actual conditions
· The resonance points can be detected in cobination with the "3-Dimensional Wireless Vibration Recorder"
· It simulates right-left turn by a truck during transport!