Transportation Tester. The tester can reproduce and verify conditions during transport by a truck such as scratches, damage to the packaging products, and any possible effects to the package contents.
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3-Dimentional Wireless Vibration Recorder

3-Dimentional Wireless Vibration Recorder
Measure vibration data using a sensor and study vibration property by performing FFT analysis.

« Supported OS »

· Windows XP 32bit/64bit
· Windows 7 32bit/64bit
* Non - Windows Vista/8 - Compliant

Procedure for analyzing

Procedure for analyzing

Package design evaluation of plastic bottle (Movie)

Without cushioning material Vibration data
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With cushioning material Vibration data
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Measuring methodTriaxial piezoelectric acceleration sensor
SensorMA3-20AD [for vibration] / MA3-100AD [for shock]
Detection range±98m/s2(10G) [for vibration] / ±490m/s2(50G) [for shock]
Measurement interval1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 100ms
Communication protocalBluetooth (USB)
Communication speed115200bps
Communication rangeWithin 10m
DimensionW115 x D58 x H18.5mm