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594-1, Narahara Hachioji Tokyo 193-0803 Japan
FAX: 042-624-9833


1978Established IDEX CO., LTD. aiming at the sales of electronic module. BF-25S/H10 BSF-500 Award BF-50FT
1985Capital increased to 10 million yen.
Changed the business field and started manufacturing Vibration Testers for the inspection of electronic products.
1989Capital increased to 17 million yen.
Released the general purpose "Shock Tester BSF-500".
Acquired patent for Vibration Tester.
1993Released the "Parts Palletizer BFP-A" for the alignment of electronic parts.
1994Concluded a contract with Furuya Metal Co., Ltd as a sole agent for Parts Palletizer and pallet/jig.
1997Released the "Compact handy type tester BF-100PS" for smaller products that can apply both vibration and shock.
1998Released the high precision "Parts Palletizer BFP-2AC" capable of handling extremely small precision parts.
2003Released the "Transportation Tester BF-50UT" featuring triaxial simultaneous vibration and for countermeasures against problem during transportation.
2004Release the "Vibration Tester BF-50UD" featuring biaxial vibration and for electronic devices and precision instruments.
2005Began to joint research on the Transportation Tester in conjunction with professor Katsuhiko Saito of the Transport Packaging Laboratory, Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University.
2006Received an award of the "18th Contest for New Technologies and New Products of Small and Midsize Business".
< sponsored by The Resona Foundation For Small And Medium Enterprise Promotion and The Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun >
Released the "Transportation Tester BF-100UT" capable of handling loads up 120 kg and features triaxial simultaneous vibration.
2007Capital increased to 30 million yen.
Released the compact size "Parts Palletizer BFP-5C".
2011Released the "Transportation Tester BF-50FT" for the low-temperuture use at minus 30 degrees.
2014Released the "Transportation Tester BF-50SST" capable of generating triaxial simultaneous vibration and shock.